Triathlon Training

Just to let you know, we STILL haven't progressed any on our book. We have been just way too busy with other things. 

For one, Tom and Izzy have been busy training for a Triathalon-Tom's is a sprint Triathalon, which is a half mile swim, then 18 miles on the bike, then a 3.6 mile run. Izzy's is a mini triathalon which is 8 lengths of the pool, 5 miles on the bike, and a 2 mile run. 

Unfortunately we recently found out that Izzy has a soccer tournament that same weekend, so she won't be able to compete. Tom's competition will be Sunday the 12th of August. It's in Windsor. If Izzy's finals (assuming they make it to the finals on Sunday) are late enough in the day, we'll shoot over to watch Tom. He's been working his butt off! He runs after work, then swims, then bikes. Every day! He makes my daily five mile run look like a stroll in the park! I'm just not that ambitious, but at least I can keep up with the boys. far as the book goes....whenever!
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There’s No Need to Fear....Underdog is Here!

OK. So it has been a long time since the last post! 
Well we HAVE been busy seeing Remington safely off to Japan, and I've been getting the Underdog website up and running. , and Tom and Izzy have been off with the Underdogs camping and attending a wrestling camp since Sunday, so Logan and I have just been total slugs. Laying around all day, playing with the dogs, playing board games, just chilling!

Book-wise, I received an email today from a publishing house I had queried a long, long time ago about our book. I had given up hearing from anyone, but this house was interested and wants to see our complete manuscript. I have to wait until Tom gets home to see what he thinks about that. He has his mind made up about self publishing. He likes to be the one in control. Whatever Tom wants to do is fine with me. I'm not sure what to make of it. I personally am in no rush. It's just a fun book idea, not the focus of our lives!
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Touching Base

Tom and I touched base yesterday with Robert. We wanted to get his opinion on some ideas we were playing with for the book. We didn't do a lot of work on our manuscript this week. It's been so crazy, trying to get Rem ready for Japan, Izzy had conditioning camp this week in addition to her Indian Ed camp, and we've been trying to get our patio done before summer zips right by us! 

So.. we really didn't write much. What we did do was sit down and put together a pretty gosh darn good marketing plan. But hey, marketing is a big part of writing a book. A biggie! We'll post again when we hear back from Robert and some of the other folks that are helping us with the book.!
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