Exciting Magazine Promotion

We were very excited last week to get a call from Lanny Bryant, who is the chief editor of Wrestling USA magazine, which is a monthly publication that has been in publication since 1965!  What Lanny wants to do is to use a different page of our book every month as the illustration the corresponds with a new monthly column that Dan Gable is writing.  Wow!  That will give our book a lot of publicity...hopefully it will get our sales up too...The first issue that this will occur in will be either September or October.  The image for this blog is a rough draft of the idea Lanny sent us to show us what he was wanting to do!  I said go for it!
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Borders Books

We've had three really great book store visits this summer.  One at the  Grosse Pointe Borders on Kercheval where we had a very involved crowd with several youngsters who were on wrestling clubs. Next was at two different Ann Arbor Borders stores. The first visit was to their store on (Washtenaw Borders) and we had a lot of kids, but they were pretty young (as in diapers!), so we did a lot of moving around, singing and dancing for them! we signed about 15 books for that event. The next visit was downtown  Liberty Borders, and the kids there were older (5-8), and that was better. We signed 7 books at that visit. I believe, other than one wrestling tournament later this month, that we are done with book signings for the summer!
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