Ashton Kutcher!!

Well, here I am again, in my Vendor's Village booth at the Olympic Wrestling Trials in Vegas. It's about as boring as yesterday here, possibly even more so (although it's early yet). At any rate, yesterday was slow again, only sold about another 30 books. I really would be shocked if today was any better. But....our evenings (after the trials) have been fun. We went to the Bellagio for dinner last night with Robert and Emil (dinner was delicious-we ate at Noodles, an authentic Japanese restaurant) After dinner we went to Roberts room and he showed us all the book illustrations he has thus far. He's at R., so not much longer. He knows we want the book by Dec. in order to have it for Christmas, so that's good. Now I have to check with our publisher and see when they need everything by in order for the book to be printed and in stores by December!

One exciting thing here at Vendor's village yesterday was that Ashton Kutcher was here watching wrestling, and he came in to Vendor's village to watch some of the stuff in here, Tom talked to him for a few minutes. Apparently he's pals with Dan Gable, cause he was walking around and hanging out with Dan's wife. He took one of our book business cards! He also signed one of our books for Robert to give to a friend. Numbskulls Tom and I didn't even think to ask for an autograph-we just talked to him!!

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Day Two in Vegas

Yesterday was not as productive as I had hoped (we only sold 20 books). Tom doesn't seem to mind though (I think he really just wanted to come to Vegas!). We sure had a lot of fun though yesterday. Robert and his friend Emil came in late in the afternoon, so when our day ended here, everyone got together for dinner. Steve Fraser joined in too!

Today is just getting started. The first session is in, and then there will be a break. The location of the vendor's village is really lousy. All of the vendors were complaining yesterday about getting practically no business. Hopefully today will be better. We got here kind of late yesterday too, so that doesn't help.

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Activity Books

Our Activity Books were shipped here to our store yesterday. They look great! We are all packed and ready to hit Vegas! Let's hope our book is a big hit and we won't have to ship much back home. Our editor emailed me today and wants to meet when we get back to go over Robert's illustrations for the picture book. I just know Robert is coming up with some really awesome drawings. Can't wait to see him (and the pics) in Vegas!

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Our “Wrestling The ABC’s” crayons have been delivered. Tom was surprised how much room 3,000 boxes of crayons took up. I told him just wait til the books come in!! Yikes..we'll need a new addition to our house. We’re getting pretty excited for our trip to Vegas, and, the activity book should be in late this week or early next! This is so much fun!!!

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