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So much fun this summer...hence the very few blog posts! Writing and publicity have pretty much taken the back seat to fun and family the past few months, but hey...reading and writing opportunities will always be around. I doubt I can say that of my kids. They will be gone in a blink!

So we have been invited to read and sign at As The Page Turns Bookstore, Gallery and Cafe this fall. We haven't set a date yet, but it will have to be before our busy season with the store (which will start in early November).

Tom has sent out a few educator packets to some curriculum directors that he knows in hopes of getting a few school visits. If not school visits, maybe at least a few schools will simply purchase books. I know a few districts have done that already, which really surprised me. I assumed if they were interested enough in our books to buy a dozen or so copies at a time, that they would want us to come out for a visit. Oh well, a sale is a sale!

Cynthia Furlong Reynolds (author of) sent us a super nice book review earlier this summer. You can read it on our website

Tom has contacted a couple of wrestling catalogs to see if they'd be interested in selling our books, and a couple of libraries have bought our book and we got a big check in the mail from our publisher last week, but other than that, we've been taking it easy. I did get two out of state orders recently too.

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