On Top of the World

We are on top of the world! We had a meeting with our publisher and editor today. They had a few last minute revisions for us to make, but we are still on schedule. Robert has finished all the final illustrations and is working on the hardcover two page spreads for front and back of book. So far, things are still on schedule for a December release date. Our publisher also mentioned that she sold some copies of our book to some educators at an intervention conference they attended last week!

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Smooth Sailing!

Things are moving along quite smoothly these days. Our illustrator is done with all the illustrations. He's finalizing the front cover and back cover (inside and outside) illustrations. We meet with the graphic layout designer next week. Hopefully then we will know how much longer before it goes to press. Robert Lence is amazing. His illustrations are so darn cute! We love them all!

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