Busy First Week of Book Sales

Our book came out Friday. We took it to U of M Friday night for their meet against Ohio State. It was Alumni Weekend, so the stadium was packed! We were there Saturday night too for their meet against Penn State. It was such a fun weekend. We ran into lots of old pals, and sold quite a few copies of our book! We also had the book with us for sale at Holly High School on Saturday day and Sunday day at the Roseville AAU Folkstyle State Championships. It was a really, really good weekend!

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this is little Daisy. The pups were only 3 weeks old when I got them. So sweeeet!

My how the time flies! I can't believe it's been this long since my last post. But then again, I can't believe I have 5 foster puppies running around my house right now. And I can't believe that our book is finally HERE. It looks so beautiful! Our marketing gal e-mailed me a few weeks ago and said that the director of curriculum for Garden City Schools ordered 32 copies of our book. That is so cool! And our publisher emailed yesterday and said that we have about 300 books pre ordered through them that we need to mail out. AND our big weekend is coming up at the University of Michigan. On a lucky note for us, it is Alumni Weekend, so we anticipate several thousand spectators. Hopefully the book will sell good. We have a really cool slide show presentation, and Tom had Cliff Keen make up a really cool banner for us, so we are ready to Go Blue!

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