Oh Happy Day...We're Getting Published!!

Well, in spite of our plans to self publish, we have stumbled upon a local publisher who has offered us a publishing deal way too good to pass up. We get all, yes, ALL the royalties for the first publishing, and 90 percent of the second and subsequent publishings.
We do have to pay the printing costs, but hey, we would have had to do that by self publishing anyway. We really lucked out. They are new and looking for authors, and I was fortunate enough to meet these folks at my last conference.
So now, it's just a matter of meeting with the editor, working out a few bumps in the book, and forwarding the final manuscript to Robert. He's already working on our cover art. So yes,... I guess all good things come to those who wait!
And the best part of it is, is that we own all rights to the book, so we can pull out of the contract anytime we want! The books will even be delivered to our doorstep. Look out wrestlers!

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