Activity Book-Volume One (Wrestling The ABCs)

WOW!, so much has happened since last post. First of all, and most exciting of all too, is we received our book forward from Dan Gable. It is so awesome. It was well worth the wait. We also have received two more book reviews. One from Joe McFarland, the head wrestling coach at the University of Michigan, and the other from Bryan Van Kley, the publisher of W.I.N. magazine. So that's pretty good. Not sure if I really want to hold off publishing any longer waiting on more to come in. We'll probably start putting them all together to give to our editor so she can send everything off to the proofer. Then, it's just back to waiting on Robert's illustrations.

Tom and I are going to a state wrestling tournament this weekend in Battle Creek, so hopefully I will make some sales this weekend. Our activity book turned out soooo great. Tom really put a lot of work into it. Here it was my idea, and Tom pretty much created the entire thing. It is great. When we start running low on those we'll created Volume Two. We have 3,000 copies of Volume One. Depending on how long it takes to sell out of those, will determine when we start working on the next one!

We have a lot more promo stuff coming in the mail soon too. Pencils, crayons, hats, t-shirts, water bottles, posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, magnets, pins.......tons of stuff!
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