Great Meeting!

We met with our publisher and editor yesterday to go over some of the cover and interior layouts that the graphic designer had put together. We loved almost every page presented, so ended up piecemealing it all together to get a great layout.

We also decided to postpone the release date from December 2008, to January 2009 in order to broaden and lengthen our window of opportunity for awards. I had never considered this, but our publisher and editor both feel strongly about it, and also believe in our book and feel we could actually win an award or two.

Our editor wants to see if Robert would be interested in doing more illustrating for their publishing house. So...I'll approach that issue with him soon.

We got a new puppy a few weeks ago, and he has been such a great addition to our family. He's only 9 weeks old now, but seems like he's been with us forever. He fits our family like a glove.


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