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There was a really nice story about our book in the Daily Tribune this past weekend. You can click the link to read it. We’re leaving tomorrow for North Carolina, but will be back by Monday. It’s been a busy past week and I’ve been battling a flu and sinus infection, so I am so ready for a vacation!

below is a link (as well as the attached story), to the article about our book that was in the daily tribune.

The Daily Tribune (, Serving Southeastern Oakland County

Local authors have written the book on wrestling

Veronica and Tom Davids create a volume guaranteed to inspire young athletes.

Sunday, April 5, 2009
The Berenstain Bears never wore singlets, did they?

I really do not recollect, but Beatrix Potter was more into rabbits than (w)restling referees and rugged guys named Rulon, right?

Curious George was pretty agile, but he never did much grappling. Not unless it was with the man in the yellow hat.

So, it is nigh time that amateur wrestling elbowed its way onto the children's book shelves, and that is just what Veronica and Tom Davids of Hazel Park have addressed.

The Davids, along with renowned illustrator Robert Lence, have created a delightful alphabet book with an amateur wrestling theme. It is titled, appropriately enough, "Wrestling the ABCs."

Every page is dedicated to a different letter. Each letter is accompanied by fun artwork and clever rhymes. Occupying the bottom portion of each page is factual information about the sport.

For instance:

A is for athlete;

It's what amateur wrestlers are.

Practice ankle picks and arm drags

Every time you spar.


H is for the handshake

The match is under way.

With healthy eating and hard work,

You'll wrestle your best today.


U is for the underdog.

At first you don't stand out.

If most don't think you have a chance,

Prove them wrong and win the bout.

How about:

There's an X in the word excitement.

There's an X in the word excel.

With extra practice and no excuses,

As a wrestler, you'll do well.

The subject matter should be no surprise. Tom Davids comes from a family steeped in wrestling. He is the youngest of four wrestling brothers. He was a state champion at Hazel Park High School and went on to wrestle at the University of Michigan. He is the founder of the Hazel Park Underdog Youth Wrestling Club, and co-owner of Davids' Gold Medal Sports, a major supplier of wrestling goods.

Tom is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he wrestled with and befriended Lence.

Lence has worked as an animation story artist and writer for Walt Disney Studios, Pixar and Dreamworks. His credits include Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, A Bug's Life and Shrek.

Veronica Davids is a graduate of Eastern Michigan Univesity. She is a full-time mother and a substitute teacher.

"I'd been looking to write a book for six years or so," said Veronica Davids.

After attending countless writing conferences, workshops and book signings, she finally settled on the subject matter.

"Tom told me that while maybe I didn't love wrestling like he did, I certainly knew a lot about it," said Veronica, laughing.

Veronica and Tom met when she was still in high school.

"I never went to any sporting events. I was not involved in any extra curricular activities. I went to school and went home. Tom had already started college at U-M when we met. When Tom and I started dating, all of my friends were so impressed. Here he was a wrestling champion and everything, and I didn't know a thing about it."

L is the love of wrestling,

And for each other, you know.

Tom and Veronica met awhile back,

Now they have three kids and a book to show.

WHAT: Wrestling the ABCs

WHAT IS IT: A children's book on wrestling

WHO: Authors Veronica and Tom Davids

HOW MUCH: $17.95



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