Back from Battle Creek (again!!!)

We had a good weekend in Battle Creek. Sold some books and tons and tons of wrestling supplies from our store Davids' Gold Medal Sports

Several people who had heard about our book stopped by to purchase and get books signed. One mom even bought the book for her 18 year old son, who had been wrestling since he was a toddler! I thought that was so cute. We also had a 14 year old boy who bought the book for his little sister, hoping he could encourage her to start wrestling.

I think we are actually going to be home this weekend. This will be the first weekend spent home (We've been to KY, OH, and NC) the past few weekends. I am soooo ready to relax.

I have a couple of deadlines to meet early this week (no, blogging here does not help get the job/s done!), but after that, it should be the first relaxing week and weekend I've had in a long time.


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