Battle Creek Beckons

We are getting excited for our Battle Creek weekend coming up the last weekend of the month.  This event is the High School Individual wrestling finals which are held at the Kellogg Arena in downtown Battle Creek.  As a family business with a specialty in the wrestling field, we have been attending this event for almost as long as we've been dating (29 years!)  We sold quite a few copies of our book during the event last year and are hopeful again this year.  I also enjoy this particular weekend as it is sort of a vacation for Tom and I.  Our kids generally don't accompany us on this trip, and we've been very lucky the past few years with being able to book a room right in the McCamly Plaza Hotel which is connected to the Kellogg Arena.  There's also a great pub (The Griffin Grill and Pub) just a few blocks away that we love to eat at every year!

In the meantime, we have lots of t-shirts to silkscreen and letter, books to pre-sign, and hopefully some books to ship out to Stacie at

What's after Battle Creek?  Vending our book at Omaha Nebraska for the NCAA Wrestling Championships!!!  And no work for this weekend.  Just pleasure!!


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