Camp Canada

What an absolutely perfect weekend in Canada. Of course "perfect" is a very subjective adjective. You see, it was too cold for most of us wimpy adults to go to swimming, but not too cold for the crazy kids to go swimming. So we just sat on the beach and drank. Perfect. Although Tom, Carey and Adam did a mile swim in prep for their next Triathalon sprint. 

Also, because it was cool, it wasn't buggy at all. I didn't even get one mosquito bite. Chewy did get stung on the ear, but he's so dumb, he probably just thought it was another one of those nasty burrs we had to chop out of his fur. 

LuLu and Chewy stayed right around the cabin (except for the few times they stole away together for a dip in the river). Perfect. 

No rain, which was perfect for us but bad for the farm (it's so dry there!). 

We had just the right amount of food, and Remington brought a friend who was a human garbage can, so nothing went to waste. Perfect. 

Gramoo and Grampoo got there Sunday afternoon, and we didn't have to leave until late Monday morning, so we got to visit with them. Perfect. And, gramoo made me fudge. How perfect is that.

About our book. I got an exciting email from one of my friends in Ann Arbor about an author's conference she thought sounded perfect for me. There's that word again, "perfect". At any rate, I checked out the website for the conference, and it just so happens that one of the workshop presenters is the chief editor of the publishing house Tom and I originally had tailored our manuscript for, and then found out their house wasn't accepting manuscripts, so, our manuscript has been altered somewhat. Anyway, I am going to take our original manuscript with me to the conference, as one of the sessions is "share time". Fingers crossed everyone. You know how lazy I am-I would much rather have a house take on the project than to do it all by myself.


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