I Think I’m Turning Japanese....I Really Think so

I do think there is a secret conspiracy out there keeping us from getting our book done. I just found out today we will be getting some Japanese wrestlers to host next week. We only need to host them until we leave for Canada on the 16th, but that will make it a bit harder to focus-and I had planned to kick butt on our book this next week or so. All of our weekends from here on in are booked solid. Tom seems semi-agreeable about me contacting the publishing house that is interested in our manuscript, so I really want to hustle up on getting it done!

Tom and Logan did great at the Allen Park street run yesterday. Logan had a pretty bad biff on his bike Friday night, so I wasn't sure if he was going to be up to running, but he sucked it up and did just fine. Tom had to follow suit of course, and wiped out on his bike out at Stony Creek this morning. It was hilarious, (only because he wasn't hurt of course-although he is complaining of a stiff neck this evening). Crazy man that sweetie of mine! What 46th birthday would be complete without making an ass of yourself anyway?

Izzy's getting excited for VBS (which starts tomorrow night). Tom made the banner and signs that are outside the church advertising for it, like he does every year (and the t-shirts too!).

Getting excited for Rem to be home! We went out for Tom's birthday tonight with Logan-we had steaks, which Rem would have loved much more than me or Logan. Izzy was at a party with friends, of whom are now here and sleeping over! Yikes, where's the mercy?


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