Double Good News!!!

Well, today couldn’t have started off on a better note. I got an email from our publisher, Marian, and our book is going to be represented at not one, but TWO big events this spring. The first one is at Cobo Hall, at the end of this month, the MRA. I’ve attended this event several times, and it is awesome. So many new books on display, sneak previews (like for our book), pre-orders, freebies, etc. So Robert is working on something right now for Marian to display posters and such at the event. Yippee!!

The second event is the Ann Arbor Book Festival, which I have also attended in the past. In fact, that is where I met Cynthia Furlong Reynolds, who wrote grandma’s life story!
Again, for this event we will only be able to take pre-orders and give out fliers for school visits, bookmarks, etc. but it will be good advertising and a good way to get the word out.

On another good note, two coaches, one from the UP, one out of state, emailed me yesterday with team orders, both for 25 copies of the book. We are doing so well, especially considering the book isn’t even out yet!

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