Vegas Vendor's Village

Well, Tom and I have made our reservations for Vegas. Yup, we will be official vendors at the Vendor’s Village during the three day Wrestling Olympic Trials (June 13-15). Thousands of spectators, lots of shoppers, people there with money to burn...we should do really good at this event. Tom thinks we’ll sell several hundred copies. I think more. Heck, we’ve already sold almost a hundred copies on our website, and the book isn’t even out yet.

This brings up another topic that we’ve been debating about. How much do we want to promote our book. Tom feels that the book is going to pretty much sell itself (at the right venues of course), and that all the promotion in the world isn’t going to sell it at small random events (library visits for example). I’m thinking he’s probably right. I had planned on contacting at least our local library, but now, don’t think I will.

I do still plan on doing school visits (at least in Hazel Park). Those will be a guaranteed $300 per visit. The visit is free, but we require an advance order of at least 25 copies, so depending on what the teachers/students preorder, hard or soft, it will be at least a $300 visit. And close, so no travel expenses.

I’m not real keen on the idea of book store visits either. Those aren’t worth the time or effort most the time for a niche market book like ours. I say, tournaments, wrestling venues of any sort, a few school visits here and there, and that’s about it. It’s fun selling the book, but it’s not that big of a deal for us, just a fun project that is almost done, and where it goes, it goes.
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