One, Two, Three...Wrestle!

Tom wants to start writing the next book, “1,2,3, Wrestle!” I’d rather not, but he’s already working on it. We also have the activity book almost ready to go to print. Haven’t talked to Robert for over a week (don’t want to bother him...we’re rushing him as it is!). Hope all is going good with his illustrations.

Marian plans to take some of our book promo stuff to their table at the Ann Arbor Book Festival. The book won’t be done yet, so personally, I’d rather not go. She can take our stuff and do her marketing magic. Hey, it’s what she does!!

So, at this point, we are just coasting a bit, waiting for illustrations. Tom doesn’t want to do any more promoting until the book comes out. Fine with me! Things have been pretty relaxing and low key here for us. We have secured almost all of our excerpts from our wrestling heroes. Now we are waiting for our review blurbs to come in. We got one already from a Lee Roy Smith, who is the executive director of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater, Oklahoma. One down, let’s hope we get a few more. Marian said three would be good to get, so we’ll aim for that.
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