The Arch in March!

We just got back from a combination book tour/wrestling vacation in St. Louis We were attending the NCAA wrestling championships and between wrestling sessions, we were selling our book "Wrestling The ABCs" . I don't have the exact number of books sold as of yet, but it was around 300 copies. We really couldn't have sold any more than that as our selling sessions were time limited. All I can say is that we were selling them as fast as we could. We even had to stop signing books as there were too many people in line waiting and time was running out!

We also spent our last day there doing some sight seeing. I hadn't realized how beautiful St. Louis was. We visited Forest Park, we went up the Arch, hung out in Union Station ( a lot), dined in some fantastic restaurants, and just had an overall wonderful weekend. Of course we had wonderful friends with us, who just really made our weekend fantastic!


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