Books + Battle Creek = Busy!!!

We just got home from Battle Creek Michigan, where we had a very busy but successful weekend of book sales. The high school team championships were held at the Kellogg Arena where we had a good sized store rented out for selling our sporting goods and our book. We had a huge blank wall where we had a slide show going with pictures and text from our book as well as lots of advertising in the hallways. We were very busy with sales, especially during breaks between wrestling sessions. The plaza is pretty dead there except for our store, so we had tons of foot traffic. Sales were good, and we were able to spend a lot of time promoting the book. We are now all ready and geared up for heading to St. Louis for the NCAA Championships!


Anonymous said...

Hello Tom and Veronica!

It's been a long time. I wrestled for Tom back at Ann Arbor Huron High, class of 1985. It's great to see you too are doing so well and major congrats on the book! I will order a copy. You were an amazing coach, Tom, a true inspiration for me to this day. Best Wishes to you both!

Shawn Spruce

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot

Shawn B. Spruce

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