Ball's Bridge

According to the currently available statistics, our dog Chewy is the first official canine member of the "Ball's Bridge Jump Club."

Actually it was accidental, but when Chewy is chasing butterflies, nothing can stop him! I was just glad the nutball didn't get hurt-the river was pretty low, and, he nearly landed on the abutment. Whew! At any rate, it was a great long weekend up at our cottage with my sisters, all their kids, and a few friends thrown in the mix. No injuries (other than paintball welts), no bee stings (even though the bees were totally insane at the beach in Goderich), no rain, hot enough to swim, but not too hot, and no problems at the border. Now that my mom and dad are retired, I'm going to force them to go with us next summer (and stay longer!)

Tom worked on the book last night after I went to bed (we're almost done!) We have to check with Bobby and see how long he thinks it will take to do the illustrations. Hopefully he can do it quick! Tom would like to have the books in his hot little hands to sell at wrestling tournaments this year.

Speaking of Tom. He is a stark raving lunatic. He trained so hard this past weekend in Canada for his upcoming triathlon event. He got up before everyone and went for runs, he swam each day at the beach, and then biked in the evenings. The last triathlon event he did was a sprint. The one he's training for now is harder, longer-it's an Olympic Triathlon. He's hoping to eventually be able to do an Ironman. Crazy is all I can say about that. But he is serious about it. He even has a wet-suit for the swim training, a new racing bike for the riding portion, and as for the run, well, he's relying on his God given gifts for that part.

The kids started school today. It's nice having the boys at the same school (and doing cross country together). Sure makes the morning drop off easier, especially since all the schools start at the same time.  I did get nabbed by the new art teacher who asked me if I would chair the Reflections Program with her- for the writing part. Naturally she will take care of the artistic end of it. She also asked me if I would be her partner for an after school art enrichment program. They both sounded way to good to pass up, so I'm in for a few extra commitments this school year, but that shouldn't be too demanding.


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