Man! We have been soooo crazy busy. Hardly have time to sit down these days. This will be brief, cuz I gotta go to a PTA meeting. Between Tom and I writing, Izzy writing, the boys running, izzy's soccer, PTA board duties, ROAR writer duties, dogs, foster dogs, helping Tom train for the triathlons, etc. I barely remember who I am. Oh ya, I'm MOM! I even get that at school. "Hey, you're Izzy Davids' mom!". That word...mom... it's almost profane sometimes.

Speaking of Tom's triathlon, he did great this past Sunday. It was an olympic style triathlon, so it was much more grueling than his last one. But, he still beat all his friends, and they performed as relays-Tom did it all himself! That's my man!!!

My writer's conference on Sunday was, to say the least, phenomenal. The absolute best one yet! I met several awesome editors and publishers. Two are interested in seeing my manuscripts. One wants a marketing plan included, so I'm going to be working on that when I get time.

Rem had great news on two fronts. First of all he was selected to be a Student Mentor for the Freshmen, and secondly, his design for a new Viking's logo won first place in a school wide contest, so all the new Viking wear will feature his design! How cool is that?!

Izzy's got a few writer's workshops coming up in Ann Arbor soon. What's so cool, is the kids' workshops are free (that's why I had to pay for mine...gotta offset the freebies!). She has one in October, and two in November.

My Reflections Workshops will start next Monday, so I've got to get myself ready for that. Hopefully we will have a good Reflections turnout. Historically, our school has done a totally awful job of organizing this event. The only time we ever did much with it was the two years that I was on the board. We'll see. The class I subbed for today (5th graders), were all talking about it, and trying to decide what type of project they wanted to enter and such. Sounds positive anyway.

Rem hurt his leg in a fall (home based injury-thanks to Chums and Lums), and he can't walk without limping so I took him for an X-ray Saturday. Doc said there was a ton of swollen tissue going on around the bone. Told him to limit his walking, eliminate the running. So he's off this week. Hopefully he'll be able to run in the meet this Saturday.

I've been asked by teachers to sub all week this week at Webster, and two teachers want to book me for long term subbing (one while on maternity, another while a teacher has a surgery requiring 3 week recuperation time. Sounds good to me!


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