Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

You should see the other girl!  

This is what happens after a night of playing "Beauty Parlor" with Izzy and her friends. Of course I'd already scrubbed off several layers of makeup by the time the girls snapped this pic, but look at the hair! My goodness.

Tom worked hard on the book last night (so he wouldn't be in the doghouse for abandoning me today!) It's just about done. I really need to call Robert. I keep neglecting to touch base with him. I also have to proof the manuscript my grandma's author emailed me so she can put her finishing touches on that. Then it can go to print! Speaking of grandma, her party was awesome yesterday. I did a pretty good job on the party planning if I don't say so myself! We had over 70 people-it was a full house! Grandma was literally beaming with pride at how many friends, and relatives showed up for her 90th! She's the greatest person ever.

I have two more manuscripts that I've been working at on my own that are ready to submit. They are from a children's picture book series I've been working on for the past year or so. I'm taking them with me to my writer's conference later this month. Attendees have the opportunity of hand delivering and discussing their manuscripts face to face with the editors at the conference, so I'm pretty excited. In addition to those two, I have three more for the series that are not too far along, but the main ideas are there.

Writing has become one of my favorite "spare time" activities. I still enjoy reading more, and steal away to read almost any chance I get! I've recently begun cataloging my books...we have soooo many!


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